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Sep 15, 2016

This Land is Mine is a movie released in 1943 and frankly it’s a pretty boring watch.  It’s visually dull.  The characters talk way too much.  But there are some interesting things about it.  For example:

  1. It was made in Hollywood and released during the Second World War.
  2. It’s a propaganda movie about life in Nazi occupied Europe.
  3. The Nazis in the film don’t like killing people.
  4. The collaborators in the film are just trying to save lives.


…I’m sorry, what?


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Sep 4, 2016

Ernesto Juan Castellanos was born in Cuba in 1963.  Four years before that, in 1959, was the Cuban revolution.  One year after that, in 1964, was the Beatles first world tour.  Also in 1964 the communist government banned the Beatles in Cuba.  Anyone caught with Beatles records, listening to the Beatles on the radio could go to jail.

Despite all this, despite the threat of jail, despite living his whole life under a communist government, Ernesto grew up to be a huge Beatles fan.  And in 1996 he created an event that would change the status of the Beatles in Cuba forever, and lead the repressive government to put up a statue of John Lennon in the middle of Havana.

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